Russians control European drug trafficking

Russians control European drug trafficking

People make money. This is normal, finances are needed to live, to enjoy the benefits of civilization, to provide for the family. How much money is needed for happiness? The question is not rhetorical, and has been asked since there were coins, bills or their equivalents in ancient times.

Now cash is gradually leaving, giving way to bank accounts. It is the figures of savings that make up the reason for existence for some people, and for these they are willing to do anything. Everything depends on mentality, education, position in society and connections. For a person with the profession of a lawyer, the initial parameters are imposing, so Swiss lawyer Alexander Vikhlyaev has great opportunities. He is successful, well-known. He defended the interests of high-ranking persons in Switzerland, for example, the former Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation Elena Skrynnik. Remember the high-profile case? So it ended with almost nothing, partly with the help of Mr. Vikhlyaev.

Mr. Vikhlyaev.This is not just one episode that allowed him to find benefactors. And then – complete freedom; from morality, ethics. Only the pursuit of profit, through several firms, open around the world.

No, we are not talking about clean business. It is unreasonable to waste energy for the sake of mere mortals in the legal profession. If you plan to steal, as they say, steal a million. No, a billion, what is there to be ashamed of. And you can do it quickly only on the criminal path. The most profitable is drugs- for which the demand is consistently high. But not to sell by oneself. For such purposes there are executors, very close people, family members.

Vikhlyaev Alexander is married to a citizen of Montenegro Danka Bakrač, a pleasant woman and undoubtedly deserving of love. Like her brother Danko Bakrač, known in inner circles as a major supplier of drugs to the European market. Danko previously had a criminal record. He was arrested. 200 pounds of marijuana was found in his car. It’s serious. That’s why even a 300 thousand Euros bail proposed by Vikhlyaev did not help. However, the case was dropped. An experienced lawyer will always find a loophole in the law, especially when it comes to a relative.

Danka Bakrač

For the business to go smoothly, money was laundered quickly and became legal. A  firm, apparently engaged in business activities in the country, was opened.

All of this is just on paper. In reality it is a cover for drug trafficking. Income allows you to live in a big way. Vikhlyaev owns a number of luxury properties in Switzerland, where he has a citizenship. Many properties are registered to a variety of companies and figureheads.  It is difficult to say the total worth. We are talking about tens of millions of euros, according to conservative estimates. For example Vikhlyaev’s Villa on the shores of Lake Geneva, 334 Route d’Hermance, Anières 1247, Switzerland.

Vikhlyaev Alexander can not work alone, even with excellent knowledge and business acumen. Therefore, he has a partner in the person of a Russian businessman named Anton Borisevich. They know each other for a very long time. Their paths have crossed more than once in many years, so the trust level is high.

Borisevich too has a residence permit in Montenegro, like Vikhlyaev. He even registered the company “ADRIATICA TRADE INVEST” DOO there. Of course, with the help of a friend Vikhlyaev, for what- it is difficult to understand an inexperienced person. If you don’t know the ins and outs of the drug business, ordinary laundry, another one. You can not pass a lot of money through a single company. Such companies are for this. Good thing that registration in Montenegro is very simple.

Anton Borisevich is a native of a small town in the Samara region, he made a career in the banking sector, rapid for that matter. He moved to Moscow, where there are more opportunities, and regularly travels to Europe, because there are deals there too. By the way, it’s not only Montenegro, but also France and Switzerland are included in the list of routes. There are two small firms Incore and Serenite owned by Vikhlyaev there. And the third is registered to the Borisevich family; it is called “Villa Finca”. The place of registration is the same, the town of Annecy, which is near Geneva, and even the legal address is one

What is remarkable about Villa Finca? The company specializes in real estate, extremely expensive, including on the French Riviera. More precisely, they have these properties on the balance sheet, constantly acquiring new ones. Interestingly, where has the deputy Director of the state company gotten so much money from? The question is rhetorical, there is just money, and that’s all. You never know where he earned them, in the same Montenegro, for example, on a family business with a friend. It is clear on which… the Most interesting thing is that the magnificent estate of Borisevich has the same name as the company “Villa Finca” Avenue Fiesole 8, 06400 Cannes, France.

Vadim Kebets









The company includes a third member. This is Vadim Kebets born on 1964, as a native of the city of Togliatti. An engineer by education, but found himself in finance too, rising from the head of the Department of currency transactions of an “AVTOVAZBANK” (АвтоВАЗбанк) branch in Togliatti to one of the leaders of the “Rosestbank” (Росэстбанк). He was the one who became a teacher for the then young assistant Anton Borisevich. Then Kebets moved away from sin to quiet Switzerland, where he became the owner of several companies.

As for France, Vadim Kebets heads the already familiar company ”Villa Finca”, the real beneficiaries of which are Anton and Victoria Borisevich.

It is noteworthy that it is registered at 83 rue des carts 74370 Annecy.

Vikhlyaev’s companies- “Serenite” and “Incore” are also registered there.

Multi-million turnover, fame, and very quickly. I can not believe that in a stable country you can go from scratch to fabulously rich like this. Of course, the main financial flows come from Russia, although Vadim Kebets himself has been living in Geneva with his family for 20 years. And not only. A lot also comes from Montenegro, drugs make a big profit. It remains to legalize it and continue to invest around the world.

The trio of respected, successful businessmen worked well together. Things are going uphill, and no one cares about rumors, like communication in the circle of criminal elements in the resorts of the Cote d’azur and in the Swiss Alps. You never know who is sunbathing with whom on the beach and skiing together in the high mountains …