New LG V30 2018 Will Use Ai To Help You Take Better Photos

New LG V30 2018

LG is expected to show off the new V30 for 2018 at MWC later this month where it will give us a glimpse at what AI can really do on smartphones. This particular model will use AI like a smart camera assistant and guide so you get better snaps.

New LG V30 2018

Thanks to LG and Google being such good buddies, what with LG making Google Nexus hardware and all, Google Assistant has allegedly been given an LG specific addition. The Google voice AI will be able to take LG specific commands that allow the Assistant to help out with LG handset uses. Vision AI that assists with photos is the most exciting feature, but first, what else can we look forward to?

These artificial intelligence commands work for camera uses specifically. In total there will be 32 commands exclusive to LG phones. There will be 23 commands which affect the way the camera works for a given situation, which were introduced last year, with 9 new commands for this year. These include: Panoramic Photo, Food Photo, Time-lapse Photo (Video), Slow-motion Video, Low-light Photo, AI Cam Photo, Image Search, Code Scanning and Shopping Search.

Back to Vision AI. This is the smart assistant, essentially, which will help you with your photography. This machine learning model was trained using 100 million images and so can analyse objects to detect the best possible camera setting for that particular situation. We say the best possible – this is from a maximum option of eight modes. But Vision AI is smart and will take into account light, angle, colour and even reflections before making its recommendation.

One of the best bits of news to come along with this reveal is the fact that the AI isn’t hardware reliant. So while we may first see the camera assistant AI appear on the LG V30 at MWC later this month, it could arrive on other LG handsets in the near future as a software update.