Three Fun 2019 Ram 1500 Easter Eggs Discovered in Chicago

2019 Ram 1500

As we were finishing up our interview with Ram boss Jim Morrison at the Chicago Auto Show, we asked—so, are there any fun little tidbits or hidden features on the 2019 Ram 1500 you haven’t shared with us yet? Indeed there were!

2019 Ram 1500

Who among us hasn’t found ourselves out in our truck one day racking our brains to remember how you calculate the tangent of an angle, or what the Pythagorean Theorem was, or how to convert between decimals and fractions, or English to metric units? Well, the Ram owner need only whip open that console lid and there it all is, molded right into the plastic. We’re told that the trigonometric formulae prove useful to folks measuring fence lines. Of course, a truck with this much connectivity should make all those answers easily discoverable on a smart device, but for those fence lines being calculated far from the nearest cell tower

Rulers Molded into the Floor Stowage Inserts

The wide end of each inboard rear-floor stowage bin has a 15-inch ruler molded into the plastic, and the narrower outboard edge features a 26-centimeter metric ruler. Now no matter where in the world you find yourself fishing, you can measure your latest catch immediately before stowing it to determine whether or not it’s a “keeper.”

Under-Seat Bag Hooks

These are less Easter-Eggy, but we still missed them on first examination. Fold up the rear seat bottoms, and you’ll find a set of bag hooks that will keep your groceries from ever having to touch the floor. Trucks with RamBoxes can hold a big shopping haul with no bag’s contents in danger of rolling out onto the filthy floor.