2019 Midsize Pickup Truck Comparison: How Do They Stack Up?

2019 Midsize Pickup Truck

With a new Ford Ranger and Jeep Gladiator in the mix, we collected all the specs for a side-by-side review, including the fuel economy.

The midsize pickup truck segment is particularly competitive, and with Ford and Jeep adding new fuel to the fire with the Ranger and Gladiator, buyers in North America have never had so many truckin’ choices before them. Trucks have long been extremely popular in the U.S., but the resurging midsize market is packed full of some seriously capable machines that are surprisingly comparable to fullsize pickups in some areas.

That might make for an interesting future comparison, but to help you wade through the field of smaller selections, we gathered all the midsize players currently available to U.S. shoppers. That equals seven trucks, with the Gladiator and Ranger joined by the GMC Canyon, Chevrolet Colorado, Honda Ridgeline, Toyota Tacoma, and Nissan Frontier. With the exception of pricing on the Gladiator (which should be revealed before sales begin in spring 2019), we have all the primary stats right here for a quick-and-easy, numbers-to-numbers comparison.