Ireland Should Solve May’s Brexit Dilemma

Brexit Dilemma

A bilateral treaty with Ireland aims to help UK Prime Minister Theresa May push through the Brexit agreement.

According to a media report, British Prime Minister Theresa May is seeking a bilateral treaty with Ireland in order to get the Brexit agreement through Parliament. With the move May would cancel the controversial backstop agreement in the divorce agreement with the EU, reported the “Sunday Times” on Saturday in advance.

May’s consultants believed that the head of government could thereby gain support for their Brexit plan from the Northern Irish party DUP and rebellious members of their own conservative party. The DUP supports Mays minority government.

The British Parliament voted by a large majority on Tuesday against the May and EU negotiated Brexit agreements. Issue is the so-called backstop solution for Ireland. This is to prevent a hard border with controls between the British Province of Northern Ireland and the EU Member Ireland after Brexit.