Pietro Lombardi Insulted Sarah After “Dancing On Ice” Victory Derb

Pietro Lombardi

After his ex won at the show, he praised her, but he insisted on commenting negatively on her weight.

After the victory of Sarah Lombardi (26) on “Dancing on Ice” her ex Pietro Lombari (26) first spoke words of praise – before he criticized her character hard.

On the day after Sarah’s victory, the singer told the picture, ” I’m really happy for her, I’ve always supported her, we talked at four o’clock tonight.” Not so enthusiastic, showed Pietro of the well-trained body of his ex-wife.

By participating in the show, Sarah has visibly decreased, the daily training can be seen on her. “I would not like Sarah now,” Pietro blurted in an interview.

He continued, “I told her she was far too thin, she weighs maybe 48 kilos, that’s very little.” In a conversation with his ex-wife he even told her: “I only see teeth”. That’s what the singer told Promiflash.

You would be a few kilos more on the hips better, said Lombardi. “I think Sarah was sexy at that time, she’s still a beautiful woman, no question, she had a bit of greasy thighs,” the 26-year- old said.

Pietro and Sarah Lombardi were dating from 2011 to 2016 and have one son, Alessio aged 3.