Samba Schools Began Showcasing At Carnival In Rio De Janeiro

Carnival In Rio De Janeiro

All in all, 14 samba schools pass through the 700-meter-long Sambodrom on Sunday and Monday.

The world famous Carnival of Rio de Janeiro has started the race between samba schools. On Sunday evening, Império Serrano was the first group to tour the Sambodrom, the Carnival Arena of the Brazilian metropolis. Due to heavy rains, the spectacular parade started with a delay of three-quarters of an hour – but the celebration hype of the dancers, musicians, and spectators were not distracted by it.

All in all, 14 samba schools will be going through the 700-meter-long Sambodrom on Sunday and Monday, offering space for 72,000 spectators. In the prestigious competition, the big samba schools, each with thousands of members, will compete against each other.

The appearance of the school Portela is expected with great excitement. The record holder with 22 titles moves through the Sambodrom on Monday evening, the costumes will be designed by French star designer Jean-Paul Gaultier. Last year, the samba school Beija-Flor won the competition.

The debauchery in the Brazilian metropolis of millions takes place for the first time this year under the presidency of ultra-right-wing politician Jair Bolsonaro.

The starting signal for the carnival had been given on Friday evening. As in the previous year, the Evangelical Mayor of Rio, Marcelo Crivella, refused to participate in the traditional opening ceremony. The evangelical politician is known for his faith as an opponent of the carnival originating from the Catholic tradition, he cut the financial support for the celebrations by half – and that, although the celebrations attract around 1.5 million tourists from home and abroad.