Behind Closed Doors of Start Tomorrow Recruitment

Recruitment agency

Start Tomorrow Recruitment​​ is seemingly a typical London-based recruitment agency. Its specialty is the promotion of employment for migrants from Europe including Poland and the Baltic states. This company accidentally appeared on my radar when I heard about them from my new friend. She almost ended up as a sex slave at a gentlemen’s club after the agency provided her with a vacancy offer I was shocked and outraged and, due to my own professional involvement in the recruitment business, felt compelled to respond.

The code of ethics of recruiters requires them to vet both job candidates and potential employers. The task of a recruitment agency is to select qualified candidates for good companies. In this case, the management and staff of Start Tomorrow Recruitment were negligent, unprofessional, and possibly even malicious. They didn’t care where the applicant ended up as long as they earned their commission.

Did they know who the gentlemen’s club owners were? Were they complicit with them from the beginning, or part of a bigger mafia ring?

I wanted to find out what was really going on behind closed doors at Start Tomorrow Recruitment, so I conducted my own investigation. I waited across the street from the office and approached applicants who were coming out after interviews at the agency, and conducted 10 quick interviews with them at a local cafe. Also, through my colleagues and friends, I managed to identify 6 employers who used Start Tomorrow Recruitment and got their stories.

Here is what I found out. 9 out of 10 people applicants received an offer from management represented by Jody Hollow and Josh Gladwell to pay 250 pounds to get “exclusive” access to vacancies with higher pay than the market average despite their qualifications or background checks. Imagine if pilots or surgeons were hired in this way. On top of this, the applicants could be alcoholics or drug addicts, violent offenders, or people on the run from the law.

Also, Start Tomorrow Recruitment makes both the applicant and the company pay a fee, though they do not specify this anywhere on their website. Those individual applicants who refused to pay were blacklisted.

These interviews led me to one conclusion: there are agencies that have candidate’s best interests in mind but, Start Tomorrow Recruitment is not one of them. They exploit workers and scam businesses to line their own pockets and are no better than mafia extortionists who belong in prison cells.