Chinese Nationals Arrested In Myanmar On Kidnapping Charges


22 Chinese nationals suspected of smuggling, extorting, kidnapping, and holding 27 victims, also Chinese nationals, against their will inside Myanmar got arrested by Myanmar Police.


The suspects reportedly belong to three separate gangs that allegedly lured Chinese people into Myanmar with promises of free air tickets, vacation packages, and investment opportunities. Once victims arrived in Myanmar, they would each be held by one of the gangs and pressured to pay a ransom or request money from relatives in China in order to secure their release.

The victims were held in poor living conditions, where they lacked food and water. Some of the victims were restrained and showed signs of having been beaten. Other victims were forced to transport drugs within Myanmar and across international borders.

Both the victims and the alleged gang members have been transferred to police in China’s Yunnan province, who are now investigating whether the gangs have other accomplices within China.

Sources: Liberty Times.