Google Clips Update Lets You Capture More Moments

Google Clips

Google is rolling out an update for Clips, its hands-free camera that automatically records short video segments when it determines something interesting is going on.

When we reviewed the camera earlier this year, one of our complaints was how unpredictable it was. It wasn’t fully clear why certain events were captured when others weren’t, and a number of memorable moments featuring both people and pets were left unrecorded. But with the latest update, Clips now offers a “completely rebuilt” High Capture Rate so you can “capture many more hugs, jumps, smiles, dances and more.”

Additionally, the companion app now has a Familiar Faces management screen, which will give users more control over who the camera finds to be important. While the camera can learn who might be most important to you based on how often you’re around them, you can now also edit the list of Familiar Faces. Lastly, with the update, Clips will now automatically save the best frame from each clip in full resolution.

The update is available now through the Play Store and the App Store.