More Than 130 Civilians Killed In Attack On Village In Mali

Mali Massacre

The reason for the massacre in the center of the African country is an ethnic conflict between Fulbe and Dogon ethnic groups.

An armed raid on a village in central Mali killed more than 130 civilians on Saturday. The attack was directed against a village of the ethnic group of the Fulbe and had been perpetrated by hunters of the ethnic group of the Dogon, it was said from military circles. So far 134 fatalities are known.

The mayor of a neighboring village spoke of a “massacre of civilians” for which members of the Dogon ethnic group were responsible. In the past four years, the ethnic conflicts between the Fulbursing livestock and the Dogon and the Bambara, who are farming, have intensified. This is associated with the appearance of the jihadist group of preacher Amadu Kufa, who recruits fighters for his organization, especially among the Fulbe.