Disgruntled Former Employee Shot By Manager At Shop In Nw Houston, Police Say

Employee Shot

A disgruntled former employee was shot in the head Tuesday afternoon by the owner of a construction business in northwest Houston, according to Houston police.

“Apparently it was a dispute between an ex-employee and a business owner, a shot was fired and the employee was transported to the hospital,” said Kacey Saulsberry with HPD’s Major Assaults Division.

A different investigator told KPRC that someone from the business filed a restraining order against the 32-year-old ex-employee within the past year.

“Apparently he was terminated a few months ago,” Saulsberry said. “It seems like it’s an ongoing feud between the two, we don’t know that at this moment. We’re trying to verify that right now.”

The former employee of TCW Construction LLC, at 6816 Thornwall St. near West 43rd and Hempstead Rd., was taken to the hospital and is in critical condition, according to police.

A witness said he heard the gunshot around 1:30 p.m.

“Just one, just one,” that’s how many gunshots Jorge Molinar, who lives nearby, heard. “They put him in the ambulance, so I don’t know if he was dead, I don’t know.”

Police said the shooting happened on the front of the property.

“Based on the statements, we don’t know if he (the ex-employee) had a weapon at the time of the shooting. He may have had one on his person, but we don’t know if he actually had it presented at the time of the shooting,” Saulsberry said.

When asked if the owner gave the ex-employee a warning to get off the property, Saulsberry said, “From what he said, yes. He said it’s an ongoing feud between the two and he came to his property, and we’re still trying to sort out the facts.”

The owner is not facing charges at this time. Authorities detained other employees, including the owner’s wife, who witnessed the event.