The Iphone Xs Just Went For A Swim In The Ultimate Water Test, Guess How It Did

iPhone XS

The new iPhone XS is water-resistant, says Apple, but now that claim has been tested to the extreme. Can you guess how the handset faired in the wet?

The water loving guys over at CNET have taken their shiny new iPhone XS handsets and dunked them, again and again. The tests were extensive and not exclusively reserved to water alone with beer and wine on the list too – the more likely culprit for iPhone wetting.

Apple says the iPhone XS is IP68 water and dust resistant meaning it should be able to withstand submersion in water up to two metres for up to half an hour.

The handset was splashed with beer, red wine, orange juice and even took a dip in sea water – all of which left the phone in good working order. It was then submerged in 1.8 metres of water for around half an hour. A rinse, dry and 15-minute wait off later and it was up and running again, although the speaker didn’t work the water out right away so there was muffling until the next day when it worked again.

While Apple has built the iPhone XS to get wet, it won’t cover water damage on the warranty so it’s still best to be careful, just in case.