Nubia Alpha Wearable Phone Will Launch April 8

Nubia Alpha

When Nubia showed off the Nubia Alpha at MWC 2019 we weren’t given an exact release date other than mid-2019, but now the company has confirmed the wearable’s release date.

Nubia has confirmed on its website the wearable smartphone will be released on April 8 in China, with pre-orders available immediately. When it revealed the device, Nubia suggested the product will launch in China, the US and Europe at the same time, so we’re expecting to see it elsewhere soon, and we’ve contacted Nubia for updated information on the release date.

Different variants of the Nubia Alpha will launch over 2019, with a model that supports an eSIM expected in mid-2019.

The Nubia Alpha is a smartwatch with a bendable OLED screen, 5MP camera and eSIM (or Bluetooth connection to another device with a SIM) – in other words, it has many of the aspects of a phone, but you wear it on your wrist.

We got hands-on with it at MWC, and you can read our Nubia Alpha review to find out all our thoughts and feelings, but we concluded Nubia had some work to do before it was a viable consumer product – and we’re intrigued to see how the product has changed when it’s out.

When the Nubia Alpha launches we’ll be sure to pick it up for a full review, so stay tuned for all the latest wearable news and reviews.