EaseUS – the Most Popular Data Recovery Software


When a file or folder deleted from your computer accidentally or by choice, it’s content are not permanently gone. There is also a possibility to recover your data back by using fast and efficient file recovery software, such as EaseUS Data recovery software. This software has the ability to recover almost all kinds of lost files including pictures, videos, documents, audio, email, and other files. No matter what have you lost, the EaseUS can recover everything you need.

EaseUS is the free data recovery software that can also let you recover up to 2GB data for free of cost. But when you want to recover more data so in such circumstances, you have to upgrade it to Pro or Unlimited edition that let you recover as much amount of data as you desire. The manufacturer claimed to provides a comprehensive solution, means EaseUS can recover data from different data loss situation, such as data recovery after accidental deletion, formatted data, recycle bin recovery after emptied, storage devices recovery, viral attack recovery and much more.

How Does EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Work?

Step 1: Launch the program

First of all, download the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard free edition for trial on your PC or computer. Then launch the program and search for a location where you have lost your data. Select a location and then go for a scan by clicking the “Scan” button.


Step 2: Scanning

Once you click the scan button, the program starts scanning. The first scan will be a quick scan and does not take too much time. Then the second scan starts, which touted as the Deep scan and dig deeper to find out more lost files and data. The deep scan takes longer, so be patient and do not interrupt it during processing if not necessary.


Step 3: Recover

When both scans have done, there is a preview list to let you select your needed file and recover it. Preview the list and select the file which you want to recover then click the “Recover” button in order to get it back.