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A Bill On Its wayTo Teach Difference Between Fakes News

A bill was introduced by pair of California lawmakers in hope of fighting with “fake news”. This is an important emerging issue which we have seen as a major problem of 2016 which made the position of U.S Presidential elections suspicious.


The concern and motto of this bill is to spread awareness about the readers to distinguish the fake news from real news. Assembly man Jimmy Gomez Dodd, D-Nappa tabled this bill in senate. Proposed bill demanded the state education board to start a “media literacy “curriculum.

According to Dodd, the rise of fake news is profoundly concerning because it becomes difficult for people to figure it out what are the factual news.

On the other hand Jimmy Gomez termed this serious emerging issue a direct threat to democracy. Gomez further said that it becomes very difficult for our reader to spot difference between fake or real news as fake news keeps on repeating. Although AB155 is expected to take some steps which would be designed to shape strategies for identifying fake news.

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